We believe in improving the world around us, both environmentally and socially. We prioritize the planet through a considered supply chain and process management. We support people by donating medical gowns & crisis relief to hospitals in need through our Non-Profit, Garment District for Gowns.

Environmental Commitment

At GOLDATECH, one of our primary goals is to help mitigate the environmental impact of PPE manufacturing by partnering with industry leaders and disruptors to implement and sustain a circular economy in PPE manufacturing. All materials and manufacturing are sourced and performed within the USA, for the USA. This mitigates the dependence on overseas manufacturers, helps stimulate local economies and reduces the carbon footprint of our gowns.

GOLDATECH is proud to support and promote our wide offering of reusable gowns.
Our materials for reusable gowns are sourced within the USA and maintain a high level of barrier protection for up to 50 laundering cycles, thus extending the lifespan of one gown considerably. Implementing a reusable gown program within the healthcare industry not only is proven to be more cost effective, but have a kinder impact on the environment than the current disposable products. Once the GOLDATECH reusable gown has fulfilled its number of wash cycles, we collect, sterilize and process the gown. The materials are then repurposed into other industries through our strategic partners, thus diverting the gowns from landfills.


In March 2020, Garment District for Gowns was founded in response to the PPE shortage impacting healthcare facilities across the country.

Garment District for Gowns

Our mission with Garment District for Gowns is to help supply healthcare workers with essential PPE needed on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. By manufacturing and sourcing PPE within the United States we eliminate the supply chain disruption and price gouging that has led to PPE shortages. Through partnerships with manufacturers in New York’s historic Garment District we have produced thousands of FDA-registered Isolation gowns, all while supporting over 1200 US jobs during these uncertain economic times.

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