Our Technology

GOLDATECH has developed a mobile application that will track the life cycle of our reusable gowns. Streamline your inventory & reorder management with tech that is easily synced with any industrial laundry facility.

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GoldaTech – Healthwear Reinvented

Reusable Gowns Made Easy

The advantages are real.  Reusable gowns are cost-effective and environmentally responsible.  Leave it to us to establish & manage your laundering process. Follow the process below.

Scan & Track

Gowns are scanned at the laundry facility, recording their usage lifecycle and sending reminders for reorder.

Launder & Reuse

Gowns are laundered according to stringent safety protocol.  Gowns are collected & return-delivered on a schedule built to fit your needs.



If your gowns has reached their maximum number of uses, they will be recycled at an affiliate facility.